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Are you tired of carrying your backpack on
your back while you ride your bike? Do you
hate getting a sweaty back when you ride?
Does your back hurt when your ride with
your backpack?

If you have any of the above problems then
HybridBackpack has the solution.  

HybridBackpack is designed to sit on top of
your bike rack (sold separately: invest in
one today to take advantage of our useful
product). Once HybridBackpack has been
placed on top of your bike rack, you can put
your own backpack, laptop bag, shoulder
bag, small briefcase, boxes, plastic storage
container, or any other items that fit.

HybridBackpack allows you to strap your
items down, securely fastening them to the bike rack.

HybridBackpack has a Unique Velcro Locking System that will secure your bag and eliminate any excess strap
(s) from flapping around.

Once you are done riding, you can easily unbuckle the straps and remove your item(s) off of the rack. When you are
not using HybridBackpack, just lock up the straps and tuck them between the top and bottom of the triangle piece. The
straps are secure hidden.

We all have some type of backpack, shoulder bag, or laptop bag. Why purchase a product like a Pannier if it can't carry
any of them?

Urbanites often carry heavy grocery bags on their shoulders or handlebars, which can lead to dangerous accidents,
falls, or damage to a bike over time.

If you carry your computer while on your bike, you’ll want to be extra careful.

In all of these cases, HybridBackpack is the best choice for a safe and simple ride.

Take a look at some
pictures and videos showing how easily HybridBackpack
is used with different types of bags.

To request more information about HybridBackpack, please
contact us.
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